What is A+? What is it for?

A-Plus is a simple hypoallergenic device to be applied inside the mask to solve the annoying and harmful aspects caused by prolonged use.

Health above all.

Why is wearing a mask so important?

The mask is important not only because it helps to limit the spread of the virus, but also because it reduces the viral load transmitted. In this way, even if you get sick, the risk of incurring into complications of Covid-19 and being hospitalized in intensive care is much lower.

a+ pack

Why use A+ under your mask?

We can summarize in three points the importance of using the A+ device under the most common masks.
  1. It stabilizes the mask on the face, thus avoiding skin irritation caused by continuous rubbing.
  2. It pulls the fabric away from the skin, reducing heat and stress.
  3. It directs the exhaled air downwards: it eliminates carbon dioxide and at the same time prevents glasses from fogging up.
With A+ under the mask.
Without A+ under the mask.


CE certification
open CE certification

A+ is a CE (European Community) certified hypoallergenic product.

how to use it
Wearing A+ is simple! Here’s how to do it in two steps:

Apply A+

with the elastic or velcro included in the package.

Wear A+

place it between nose and mouth under the mask.


A+ eliminates the side effects of the mask.

Problemscaused by prolonged use of masks.

Prolonged use of the most common masks has several contraindications. Many people, who for various reasons are “forced” to wear a protective mask, face various problems.

Thanks to A+ these problems are now solved!

A+ is a hypoallergenic product, certified by the European Community (CE).

It reduces glasses fogging, the air expelled from the mouth goes downwards and does not reach the lenses.

It reduces heat inside the mask, so less stress.

It helps keep the mask in place, preventing it from moving.

Suitable for adults and children: it reduces skin irritations for the whole family.

It improves breathing by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide inside the mask.


Maximum compatibility with all masks.

The ergonomic shape of A+ is adaptable to 99% of people and masks on the market.

Surgical mask

KN95 mask

FFP1 mask

FFP2 mask

FFP3 mask

A+ can be used on any type of mask on the market and it enhances its protective effect.

Where can I find A+?

A+ is an over-the-counter product indicated for personal health available in pharmacies, parapharmacies and in the hygiene and personal care department of the best supermarkets.

Ask your pharmacist for A+!
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